Spanish exercises

Spanish exercises

Spanish Personal Subject Pronouns

I: Yo.

You: Tú (informal) / Usted (Formal):

He: Él.

She: Ella.

We: Nosotros / Nosotras.

You, plural and informal: Vosotros / Vosotras.

You, plural and formal: Ustedes.

They: Ellos / Ellas.

As you know, the Spanish don’t tend to use these, unless they really need to stress WHO is doing the action.

Tener – to have

(yo) tengo

(tu) tienes

(usted) tiene

(él) tiene

(ella) tiene

(nosotros) tenemos

(vosotros/vosotras) teníais

(ellos/ellas) tienen

Exercise 1

How do you say the following in Spanish?

  1. I have a brother
  2. he has a house
  3. she has a car
  4. we (mixed gender) have a dog
  5. they (male) have two cats

The Infinitive

A definition of the infinitive is ” the basic form of a verb, without an inflection binding it to a particular subject or tense (e.g. see in we came to seelet him see ).”

Exercise 2

What do these Spanish infinitives mean in English?

  1. aceptar
  2. admirar
  3. cantar
  4. cocinar
  5. trabajar
  6. aprender
  7. beber
  8. comer
  9. comprender
  10. vender
  11. abrir
  12. describir
  13. partir
  14. recibir
  15. vivir
  16. tener
  17. haber
  18. ser
  19. estar
  20. hacer

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