Please select the correct price option and pay by logging into your PayPal account or by using a payment card as a guest. 

An amount of 3.4% + £0.30 will be added when paying via PayPal. This may display as “postage and packing” but is actually a handling fee to cover PayPal charges incurred at this end. 

N.B. Please do not make a payment until you have received an invoice by email.

Payment options – £20.00 – £65.00
Payment options – £70.00 – £115.00
Payment options – £120.00 – £165.00

If you have ordered a hard copy / hard copies to be sent by post and it is not possible to select your total invoice amount above, please add the required amount to the “shopping cart” using the button below. For example, three pages = £7.50, five pages = £12.50, 7 pages = £17.50. 

Payment for hard copies