Pricing for certified translations

Please contact us for a quotation.

The Language Corner’s prices are competitive and may be less expensive than the larger companies.

The price quoted will be the final price, because V.A.T. does not need to be added to the total.

We focus on producing high-quality certified translations for submission to official bodies in the U.K.

We work with a team of very well-qualified, accredited translators.

To our knowledge, all certified translations issued by us have been accepted to date.

Some example prices for recent jobs are set out below:

Police clearance certificate, Italian to English – £50

Marriage certificate, Romanian to English – £50

Marriage certificate, Lithuanian to English (2 pages, to include front cover) – £55

Driving licence, Italian to English – £50

Marriage certificate, Greek to English – £55

Birth certificate, French to English (Congo) – £60

Birth certificate, Slovak to English – £55

Marriage certificate, Thai to English – £55

Certificate of conduct, Dutch to English, 2 pages  – £65

Birth certificate, French to English – £50

Marriage certificate, Urdu to English, £60

Hungarian birth certificate (2 pages) – £55

Marriage certificate, Spanish to English (Dominican Republic) – £50

Marriage certificate, Dutch to English – £55

Police clearance certificate, Polish to English – £60

The Language Corner Limited does not add V.A.T. to the price quoted.

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