About The Language Corner


The Language Corner was established in 2008 to provide professional translation of official documents into English for use by businesses, organisations and private individuals.

Our values


Our ethos is to provide a quality service at a competitive price. We only ever work with accredited translators in order to achieve this goal. Unlike many other countries, the certified translation sector is unregulated in the UK, which means that, in theory, any translator can certify a translation. Having your translation carried out and certified by a member of an official institute for linguists means that the quality of your translation is guaranteed, and it also reassures official authorities that the translator is well qualified and competent. This is why we only work with properly-qualified translators. 

About the director


Since forming The Language Corner in 2008, Anne Bitton (Director) has gained in-depth expertise in a number of language-related areas, now specialising in certified translation. Working with a solid network of highly-qualified linguists, Anne is well placed to help with certified translation requirements in the UK.

As a full member of The Chartered Institute of Linguists with “Chartered Linguist” status, Anne is an accredited translator.

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