Certified translation UK prices

The Language Corner is a small company working with a strong network of experienced and highly-qualified translators with official UK accreditation. 

The prices of our UK certified translations are usually lower than the larger translation companies, because of our small company status.

Our translations are quality assured and are accepted by all official UK organisations.

When entrusting your official translation to companies advertising “cheap translations”, it is unlikely that they will be using officially-accredited translators. This can result in a translation of poor quality which may be rejected by the authorities. 

To our knowledge, all certified translations issued by The Language Corner have been approved and accepted since we started the business in 2008.

Here are some standard prices for one-page certificates as an example:

Birth Certificate

French to English

Marriage Certificate

Arabic to English

Birth Certificate

Romanian to English

Divorce Certificate

Latvian to English

Police Certificate

Spanish to English

Marriage Certificate

Polish to English

We do not have to add V.A.T. due to our small company status, so the price quoted is the final price.

Subsequent pages are likely to cost £20.00 each, but we will need to see a clear copy of your document(s) before quoting formally.

Please email to: 


You can ask us to delete your file if you don’t proceed with us.

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