The Language Corner provides certified translations of birth certificates, which are accepted by all official UK organisations. Our clients need to submit a certified birth certificate translation to various bodies, most often the UK Passport Office, the Home Office (for example, Visas & Immigration) or UK Register Offices

Languages we offer

We offer a wide range of languages, including the following combinations:

Arabic to English; Bulgarian to English; Czech to English; Danish to English; Dutch to English; French to English; German to English; Greek to English; Hungarian to English; Italian to English; Latvian to English; Malay to English; Norwegian to English; Polish to English; Portuguese to English; Romanian to English; Russian to English; Slovak to English; Spanish to English; Swedish to English; Thai to English; Turkish to English; Ukrainian to English; Urdu to English. 

Certified translation of official documents

Quality translations

We pride ourselves in producing quality work. To achieve this, we only work with a network of highly-qualified, UK accredited translators. This ensures that our translations are accepted without question..
Certified translation document

Our prices are competitive, and probably lower than the large London-based translation companies. We don’t need to add V.A.T., so the price quoted is the final price. 

Examples of some jobs handled recently

Here are a few examples of the sort of jobs we have helped clients with recently:

  • Translation of internal passport, Russian to English;
  • Translation of exit stamps, Arabic to English, for UK Visas & Immigration;
  • Translation of a baccalaureate certificate and transcript, French to English, for applications to UK universities;
  • Translation of baccalaureate certificates, Romanian to English, for a job application;
  • Translation of a marriage certificate from Spanish to English, plus a “statement of truth” for the UK divorce courts;
  • Translation of a birth certificate, Greek to English, for a UK Passport application;
  • Translation of a marriage certificate, Arabic to English, for a UK Spouse Visa application;
  • Translation of a death certificate, Spanish to English;
  • Translation of a birth certificate, Polish to English.

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