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 Our certified translations are ALWAYS approved by the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration), HM Passport Office,  Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), UK courts, UK universities, UK register offices, General Medical Council (GMC), General Dental Council (GDC), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and all other official UK organisations, because we only work with accredited UK translators and attest to this.


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What is a certified translation?

Have you been asked to submit a certified translation but are unsure what this means?


Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

“A certified translation is one which fulfills the requirements in the country in question, enabling it to be used in formal procedures, with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements vary widely from country to country.”

Certifying a translation basically means that the translator, or an authorised representative of the translation company, includes a statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation, along with the date, the translator’s credentials and contact details. The statement is also signed. 

So can anyone issue a certified translation in the UK?


In theory, yes. However, in reality, official organisations and authorities such as the UK Home Office (Visas & Immigration), HM Passport Office, the DVLA, etc., will check the quality of the translation and the status of the translation agency or the translator issuing the certified translation. Some organisations stipulate that certified translations need to be carried out and attested by a member of one of the institutes for linguists. The main bodies in the UK are the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). The reviews of some certified translation companies indicate that a significant proportion of the certified translations that they produce are rejected by official authorities. The Language Corner has been issuing certified translations since 2010 and the number of problems with the authorities can be counted on one hand. Each of these minor issues (we estimate less than five over thirteen years to date) was remedied the same working day by quickly identifying the problem and applying a small change. To our knowledge, all of our certified translations have been accepted to date. 

Why use a translation agency or company?

Using an established certified translation company when you need a certified translation has several advantages.

1. Established, reputable translation companies will have formed long-term relationships with accredited translators, which means that the translation that is sent to you for checking should not need many (if any) changes before being finalised for you. Also, not all accredited translators specialise in the translation of certificates and personal documents. This type of document often needs a lot of formatting and inputting of data. A good translation company will know which translators to contact for each language combination offered. In addition, it’s a fact that translators are human and that some are better than others in terms of accuracy and checking. The Language Corner Limited only works with the best “tried and trusted” translators with official UK accreditation in order to ensure great results for you. We ensure that our translators feel valued for their excellent work, which means that we retain the services of the most able people.

2. Most organisations now accept electronic copies of certified translations. However, if a hard copy is required, a good translation company will use quality certificate paper, as opposed to standard printer paper, which means that the end product will look professional and well-presented. 

3. Using a good certified translation company will make what could be a difficult situation a lot easier for you. Instead of you having to ring or email lots of translators before obtaining a quote, they will organise everything on your behalf from start to finish. People who contact us in need of a certified translation often have stressful life situations to deal with. These regularly include applying for a visa, obtaining a first passport for a child born outside the UK, renewing a passport using a married name after a wedding abroad, dealing with the practical requirements after the death of a relative who died in another country or acquiring a UK driving licence, to name but a few common scenarios.

The Language Corner Limited specialises in certified translations in the UK, so we are experts in our field. 

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